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Our Surgical Periodontal Treatment Options in Frisco, TX

At Frisco Periodontics and Dental Implants, our team strives to help patients protect their natural teeth and overall oral health at all costs with friendly guidance and specialty care. However, when the worst happens, Dr. Zachary Carnow’s surgical procedures can help you regain what’s been lost, improving your oral health and wellbeing as well as your overall quality of life in the process. If you’re ready to pursue oral surgery and advanced dental care with a trusted expert’s help, don’t hesitate to contact our Frisco, TX location. New patients from McKinney, TX and surrounding areas are always welcomed.

Surgical Treatments

We offer a wide range of surgical treatment options to deliver healthy, beautiful smiles after extensive dental damage, decay, or tooth loss. We can seamless recreate lost tooth structure, improve oral health, and deliver flawless, healthy smiles. Below, find out more about some of our many surgical treatments. If you have questions or want to learn more about these advanced, specialty dentistry services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule your oral surgery consultation.

Osseous Surgery

Also known as pocket reduction therapy, osseous surgery refers to a periodontal treatment that enables Dr. Carnow access to your bone and root surfaces for cleaning purposes. The plaque-producing bacteria that cause bleeding and enlarged gum tissue infest the mouth and bone, causing periodontal disease and enlarging the pockets between teeth and gums. Osseous surgery allows us to remove gum pockets by cleaning and removing tartar (hard mineral tooth deposits) surrounding the tooth. Some more specific treatment goals include: Root and bone reshaping to prevent the spread of bacteria, prevention of future bone loss, and enabling better oral hygiene.  Bone grafting may also be necessary to replace missing structures. Stitches are used to replace the gum tissue back into position in order to heal, minimizing the space between the gums and tooth roots.  A gum packing may also be used in addition to stitches, which is then removed within a week. The treatment sounds painful, but patients often report that the feeling is similar to that following a thorough cleaning. Post-surgery mouth rinse and pain medications are prescribed for patient comfort.  If you have persistent bleeding, swollen gums, or loose teeth, Dr. Carnow, your Frisco periodontist, can help save your teeth with osseous surgery.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

In the past, periodontal disease was only treated by cutting of the bone and gum tissue in order to reduce the gum pockets surrounding teeth.  Even though it is still commonly performed to correct periodontal disease, guided tissue regeneration is a newer and more conservative approach to replace (and regenerate) missing bone and jaw structures.  This procedure entails making a small incision to gain access and to thoroughly clean the tooth roots.  A bone graft and bio-absorbable membrane are used to fill in holes where the bacteria destroyed supporting bone. The membrane is covered by the gum tissue and blocks your fast-growing gum cells from invading or interfering with bone healing.  Treatment success is determined by meticulous post-surgical home care and willingness to follow oral hygiene.  Dr. Carnow, your Frisco periodontist, can help save your teeth with guided tissue regeneration.

Crown Lengthening

Crown Lengthening is a routine periodontal procedure to lengthen tooth structures by reshaping the surrounding bones and gums.  This is often performed:

  • When a cavity is below the gum line
  • When a new dental restoration is recommended,
  • When too little tooth structure is left to hold a new restoration (crown, filling, bridge),
  • When a patient smiles and shows too much gums – A gummy smile

Your Frisco periodontist, Dr. Carnow, will reshape the surrounding bone and gums to help the general dentist fix and save your teeth.  If blood and saliva mix into, or underneath, filling materials the restoration will not work – a cavity will reform in a matter of time.  Crown lengthening ensures that solid and clean tooth structure is uncovered in order for your general dentist to remove all decayed material.  The procedure does not hurt.  The area is gently numbed. The entire process is completed within 90 minutes.  For those patients who are anxious, ask Dr. Carnow about dental sedation options.  If you have any questions and are looking for a highly skilled specialist to save your teeth, then give your board-certified periodontist a call.

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Tooth Exposure

During your adolescent’s growth and development, teeth may not necessarily erupt in the right position.  When teeth do not grow into their proper place with the smile, Dr. Carnow is an expert at helping to pull teeth into correct alignment.  This procedure is commonly performed before or during orthodontic therapy (dental braces) to straighten teeth.  Our Frisco periodontist has the latest 3D technology to help detect teeth with precision and accuracy.

Bone Grafts

Your jawbone is the necessary support that keeps your teeth and gums healthy and strong. When periodontal infection strikes, bone deterioration is a serious consequence, and you may need our team’s help to regain it. Various bone grafting techniques are available here in Frisco to protect vulnerable dental structure, allow for the successful placement of dental implants, and much more.

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Gum Grafts

When the body loses essential gum tissue surrounding the teeth, important protective barriers to fight off bacteria and trauma are lost.  Tooth roots become exposed and sensitive to cold foods and are at risk for cavities.  Fortunately, unsightly areas of soft tissue recession can be fixed with gum grafting and reconstruction. Gum grafting (also referred to as a soft tissue, gingival, or connective tissue graft) is recommended to restore that missing protective barrier around the teeth. 

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Everybody has a strip of muscle that attaches the inner lips to the gum tissue. Typically, there are two major locations (upper front and lower front teeth), yet minor muscle attachments may also occur across the smile. When these muscle attachments come in close proximity to the gum line, it causes a thinning of the gum tissue and eventually lead to gum recession. It may also prevent teeth from coming together and create unsightly gaps, or diastemas between teeth.  Frenectomy procedure is commonly completed to correct this, during orthodontic therapy.  If the muscle is too close or impedes healthy function, the frenum is surgically removed from the gum with the use of small incisions or laser treatment. You can consult with your Frisco periodontist for more information.

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Tongue Release

Tongue tie, or ankyloglossia, occurs when the tongue is attached too closely to the inside gum tissue. Tongue tie can affect anyone, but it is more prevalent in boys than girls. Signs and symptoms include:

  • Inability of tongue to touch roof of mouth or move side-to-side
  • Inability to stick tongue out
  • Notching to the tip of tongue while moving – creating a heart shaped tongue appearance

Oral Biopsy

The World Health Organization estimated 49,670 new cases of oral cancer in 2017.  A few reported risk factors include tobacco, alcohol, carcinogens, radiation, medications, and nutrition.  At your dental visit with Frisco periodontist, Dr. Carnow, we will thoroughly evaluate all areas of the mouth and look for any suspicious growths or abnormalities. If an area in the mouth is suspicious, an oral biopsy is the only true way to make a diagnosis in order to accurately treat the problem. A small piece of tissue is removed and sent to a laboratory for inspection.  Early diagnosis with a simple biopsy may save your life.  Give your Frisco periodontist, Dr. Carnow a call if you have noticed anything suspicious.

Placement of Dental Implants for Crowns

Our Frisco team will do everything in our power to help you prevent tooth loss, but if it happens regardless, we have the ideal solution that can help you regain a strong, confident smile that feels virtually indistinguishable in look and feel from natural dental structure. Dr. Carnow can place individual dental implants that function like real tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone while providing a stable base for a new dental crown.

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Placement of Dental Implants for Bridges & Dentures

If your tooth loss is extensive, don’t despair – dental implants can benefit your health and oral stability as well. Dr. Carnow is happy to work with general dentists in order to coordinate the placement of implants that will support a custom bridge or denture, restoring several teeth at once for sturdy, confident results.

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