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3 Incredible Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy

October 1, 2023

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a closeup of a periodontal laser tool

When we think about our smiles, our teeth are often the first thing to come to mind—but our gums are just as important! This tissue is responsible for supporting your tooth structures and regulating the inside of your mouth, and without it, you’d be in trouble. One thing that threatens its well-being is gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. This common condition affects millions of people, and if left untreated, it will only worsen and hurt more and more of your smile. Fortunately, it can be treated with the help of laser therapy! Keep reading to learn more about three of the awesome benefits this treatment option has to offer.

1. Unmatched Accuracy and Precision

The bottom line is that lasers provide dentists with better visibility and control during procedures. The lasers used are incredibly precise, allowing dentists to target specific areas affected by gum disease without damaging any of the healthy surrounding tissue, leaving it fully intact. This also makes it much simpler for dentists to tackle complex cases and take a much more comprehensive approach to periodontal care—it’s much like how a mechanic is able to work better with higher-quality tools, or how a chef can cook more intricate dishes with more specialized equipment.

2. Reduced Patient Discomfort and Smoother Recovery

Compared to traditional approaches, laser periodontal therapy is associated with less pain and discomfort; the laser’s energy actually cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings as your dentist works, meaning there’s far less bleeding during and after the procedure. The laser also assists in sterilizing the work area, further reducing the risk of infection and stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Patients often report a more comfortable and quicker recovery period; reduced trauma to the gums means that patients can often resume normal daily activities much sooner.

3. Longer-Lasting Results

Gum disease is chiefly caused by the accumulation of bacteria and plaque along the gumline, often due to poor oral hygiene over an extended period. This means that the solution for it must also be long-lasting, as it can easily return if things are left unchecked. Lasers can effectively kill the bacteria and remove the infected tissue, creating a healthier oral environment and setting the stage for lasting oral health.Laser periodontal therapy has revolutionized how dentists approach dental care! If you’re concerned about gum disease, don’t hesitate to discuss treatment options with your dentist; gum disease should never be ignored, and laser therapy is a truly remarkable answer!  

About the Author

A proud third-generation dentist, Dr. Zachary Carnow received his dental doctorate from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry and is a proud member of several professional organizations, including the American Dental Association. His practice in Frisco is thrilled to offer a wide range of services, including periodontal therapy. If you have any questions about the blog or you’d like to schedule a visit for you or someone close to you, feel free to contact his team online or by phone for assistance. Telephone: (214) 619-4990.

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